Friday, September 23, 2011

The Mentalist Review 401: Scarlet Ribbons

  This was an okay episode of The Mentalist, but coming off last season's mindblowing conclusion, it was a bit of a letdown. For one thing, LaRoche and Hightower, two integral characters in the finale, should have been in this. I thought Hightower would testify at Jane's trial. Another thing, the press release for the episode said that the name of RJ (Red John) would be "Ross", but the name in this episode was "Timothy Carter".
  I was right that Carter, the man in the food court, was not RJ. He couldn't have been. Carter was obviously a psycho, and in cahoots with RJ, but he wasn't the ringleader. In my November column, I will explain my new theory on RJ, and who he actually is. At this point, there are only two likely suspects.
  When they introduced Carter's family, and explained his background, I almost expected Frankie Avalon music to start playing. Dexter fans know what I'm talking about. The underground torture chamber was sufficiently horrifying, but I knew that Carter had that missing girl in the basement.
   Overall, it was slower than the finale, but it was still okay.

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