Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breaking Bad Review 402: Thirty Eight Snub

   This week's episode of Breaking Bad wasn't quite as good as last week,but it was still very intense. The opening scene in the motel room. with Walt buying a gun was well played. I didn't expect Bobby from Supernatural to be the gun seller,though. The meaning of the episode's title was much more obvious than last week,too.
   There wasn't as much action,but the emotional tension was unbearable. Case in point,Jesse. On the surface,he seemed okay,what with the partying and all. He was interacting with his friends,Badger and Skinny Pete. Everything was great. But Gale's murder changed something in him. Broke something. The outward facade is hiding a particularly awful case of PTSD. As bad as he was before,he was essentially a good person. He's going to crack,and when he does,it's not going to be pretty. Kudos to Aaron Paul for another amazing performance.
  Something I didn't get to last week,Hank. Even though he was shot,there's no excuse for deliberately mistreating Marie like that. She's only trying to help out. And the rock thing, I don't get that. I don't even know what a blue corandum is. Jesse's partying is a symptom of his PTSD,Hank's is this rock thing. Maybe the lab notes found at the end of last week will snap him out of this bout of self-pity. I hope so.
   Last week, Skyler truly began her descent into the moral void I call the "abyss". Her manipulation of the locksmith was flawless. Using her daughter,Holly,was inspired,also. This week,she tries to convince the car wash owner "with the eyebrows that won't quit" to sell the business. Throughout the series,I have enjoyed watching her. She seemed like one of the only decent characters on this show. I'm sad to say that's not the case. In two episodes alone,her inner Lady Macbeth has really come out. Now,I suppose the best character is Walter Jr.,who hasn't been seen in a while.
   Walt,armed with his new snub-nose pistol and hat,showed up at Gus' house to kill him. But just as he was walking to the door,Mike called and told him to leave. Good thing,considering the whole box-cutter incident. And later on,Mike and Walt met in a bar to talk. Walt with his idea to take down Gus and assume control of the business. Mike,with the most sensible response to the situation,punched Walt in the jaw. It was the best thing that happened to Walt this week. He was getting too big for his britches and needed to be taken down a peg. 
    I wish to offer some predictions for the rest of the series:
  1. By the end of the season,Walt's cancer will return.
  2.At the end of the season,Gus will die.
  3.Next season will have a long flashforward to when Holly is grown.
  4.Next season,Jesse will die.
  5.By the end of the series,Hank will discover the truth about Walt.
   I think that's everything. Sincerely,Observer.

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