Thursday, August 4, 2011

Breaking Bad Review 403:Open House

   "Open House" was somewhat of a letdown from the past two weeks. The character development was rather weak,and there was no action. It was nice to see Saul again,but that was pretty much it.
   I was right about the lab notes and Hank. Next week,I suppose we will find out if there's anything about Gus or Walt in them. Marie's return to kleptomania was a bit of a surprise to me. That hasn't been brought up since season one. One good thing it accomplished was it seemed to jolt Hank back to normal. He's not there yet,but he's on the right track,and I hope he gets there.
   Jesse's hedonistic orgies have gotten worse. Throwing wadded-up dollar bills into the open mouth of some guy,and then throwing the money in the air for the drugged people to crawl over and attack each other for them is a new low. Another thing,the way he explained to Walt about getting beat up was very disturbing. He did it so casually. Afterward,he went to the go-kart track. Something I want to say about that,the track looked very nice.The track I went to was positively crappy in comparison. For one thing,at my track,the barrier was metal. Here it was made out of tires. Still sort of hard,but not like metal. I almost broke my collarbone at my track. And,they have helmets at this track. They didn't at mine.
   Using the fake inspector to make the car wash owner sell was inspired thinking by Skyler. She's more business savvy than everyone gives her credit for. And she was right about the champagne. She'll end up dead by series end.
   I think that's it. If there's more,I'll put it in my next review.

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