Thursday, August 11, 2011

Panem et circenses

   In ancient Roman times,the rulers of Rome used enormous public spectacles to subdue the masses from questioning their situation. Chariot races,free food,and parades were only some of these. The government thought,if the people can be fed and entertained,they'll go along with anything. And they did. The Roman Empire stood for almost fifteen hundred years,no one ever questioned what was happening.
   You may be wondering why I bring up ancient Roman history. Several reasons,but the main one is the striking similarity to what's happening with the NFL lockout. More people today seem to be concerned with sports than the issues that are actually important to the nation and the world. There was a lot of coverage on the debt ceiling debate,but if they didn't get it worked out in time,almost no one would have noticed. If there was no football,on the other hand,there would be anarchy.
   We must, individually and collectively, strive to not lose sight of the truly important things in life, and never stop searching for the truth.
  Sincerely, Observer.

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