Thursday, September 22, 2011

Criminal Minds Review 701: It Takes A Village

  This was one of the best episodes of Criminal Minds I've ever seen. I particularly enjoyed the Prentiss storyline last season, so to have it conclude in such a spectacular fashion was great. I think it was even better than the last premiere, and that one had, in one of his better performances, Tim Curry.
    My memory isn't quite as good as I thought it was, there were some major plotpoints that didn't register from last season. I thought Ian Doyle was already dead, and his son, Declan, was only about 4 or 5. I guess that part was from a flashback in the episode that wrote out Prentiss.
  Speaking of whom, it was great to see. There were some truly horrible executive decisions at CBS last season about this show, and it was vindicating to see one of the bigger ones rectified. She looked better than ever. If they ever break up the team like that again, this show will sink like a stone, and rightfully so. The other character that was unceremoniously got rid of last season, J.J., wasn't around much, but I suspect she'll have a larger part in future episodes.
   The more sinister villain of the episode was played by Mark Moses, of Mad Men fame. He played a real bad guy on Mad Men, so he was perfect for the part. I hope we don't see anymore of him this season. The guy that played Doyle was good. He really aged in six months, he sort of looked like Mario.
  Overall, it was a fantastic episode, the team is back together the right way, and next week looks like another good one. It was the best episode this premiere week, and I look forward to a very good season.
  Sincerely, Observer.

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