Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hawaii Five-O Review 201: Ha' I 'ole

   Last season was a good one, one of the better new shows. The chemistry between the actors was a bit stiff at first, but eventually it became natural. I was looking forward to this, not just because I watched it last season, but because I like Terry O'Quinn from Lost; one of my all-time favorite shows.
  I was somewhat disappointed. It was an okay episode, I suppose, but there were too many deus-ex-machinas.  At the end of the episode, when McGarrett was about to be rearrested, the new Governor just shows up out of nowhere. Perfect timing. My suspension of disbelief just didn't go quite high enough.
  Another thing, McGarrett was shanked at the beginning, but then he's running around like nothing ever happened. Sure, he's a Navy SEAL, and he made it to Max Bergman's apartment, but I would have thought he'd be keeled over before he even left the ambulance.
  Also, I didn't like how Danno and his ex-wife sort of split up. I thought they were getting back together again, especially since they were going to have another baby. Apparently, the baby's father isn't Danno, but the new husband of his ex. I'm not entirely convinced of that, but we'll have to wait and see.
  One thing I liked was the absolute curve-ball twist that the CIA analyst is working with Wo-Fat. I didn't like her last season, but it should be interesting if she really is a traitor or if she's undercover.
  The two big guest stars were hit and miss. Richard T. Jones didn't have a large part as the new Governor, but with him putting Five-O on a leash should lead to some new dynamics on the show. Terry O'Quinn was great as McGarrett's mentor, "Joe White". He's only scheduled for six episodes this season, but I wonder if they will make him a regular.
  Overall, it was a decent episode, but not great. Too many coincidences and poor character writing. It was very nice to see Terry O'Quinn again, and the analyst from the CIA being a traitor was unexpected to say the least.
  Sincerely, Observer.

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