Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova Review 101: Genesis

   This was supposed to premiere in May, but due to the need for post-production editing, it was pushed back to September. According to surveys conducted before the start of the season, this was one of the most anticipated shows. I mean, Steven Spielberg was one of the executive producers. I guess FOX's Head of Programming, Kevin Reilly, thought it would be a smash hit, even with the numerous delays.  FOX shouldn't have bothered. The show is terrible.
   The hyped-up dinosaur effects, while above-average for a television production, were certainly not worth the outrageous $10 to 20 million dollar price tag. The only show in recent memory that even came close to justifying an enormous pilot cost was Lost. The SyFy channel makes entire movies for a whole lot less than that.
   Speaking of Lost, the actor that played the father, Jason O'Mara, seemed to be channeling Jack Shepherd. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, but he really needs to create his own character, and not steal an iconic one.
  The other actors didn't fare as well. That, I guess you could call it an actor, who played the son was dreadful. Maybe it was the way the character was written, but I was hoping some dinosaur would come along and bite his head off. By far the best of the bunch was Avatar's Stephen Lang. Now that guy can act. He'll probably be killed off.
   Overall, it was a tremendous disappointment. It played like Avatar with dinosaurs, the acting (except for Stephen Lang) sucked, it was way too expensive, and the special effects were overrated. I'll just rewatch Avatar.

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