Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fringe Review 402: One Night In October

   This week's episode of Fringe is an improvement on last week's rather disappointing season opener. It fully utilized the format of  the two Fringe teams to excellent effect, while showcasing writing ability and acting at its peak. Lincoln, unfortunately, had his part greatly reduced from last week.
   I thought the serial killer was a lot like Dexter, with him having murderous urges but not being able to control them. On Dexter, the name for those urges is the "Dark Passenger". The version of the killer on this side, on the other hand, had someone to teach him to resist the "Dark Passenger". Likewise, Dexter has the ghost of his dead father to guide him. I guess Pinkner and Wyman like Dexter. It's okay, I do too.
  Still no hide or hair of Walternate. Where the old fart is, I have absolutely no idea. He was supposed to work things out with Our Walter, but no dice. We've seen the Alt-versions of Olivia, Lincoln, Broyles (back from the dead), so when the hell is Walternate going to show up. He'll have to pop up eventually.
   Echoes of Peter are starting to form. First, it was the reflections on Walter's TV, now it's aural hallucinations in Walter's head. He's really making an impression. It reinforces my belief that Peter is alive and well, but trapped inside the Machine. We'll see. No Peter, I think, is responsible for the decline in ratings. When he returns, they will perk up.
  Theory Time: We will finally see Walternate, Peter will return in physical form in the next three episodes, there won't be a third universe, the first one to remember Peter will be Walter, and both Olivias will make peace. Overall, it was a good episode, but Peter must return. Soon.

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