Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fringe Review 403: Alone In The World

   This week's episode was excellent. I'd say it's the best episode of the season so far.
   I'm glad they provided a definite ruling on what happened to Peter, it played out exactly like the episode "Peter", except September didn't step in to save them. I thought something like that happened. But why September just couldn't have stopped himself from distracting Walternate, and avoided having to let anyone die, I don't know. Probably it's because Walter is responsible for creating September in the first place.
   John Noble hit another one out of the park. That man deserves every single acting award for this show. 
   I thought this was the episode where Dr. Sumner returned. It was odd to see the actor change his first name in the credits to "Bill Sadler". In all his other movies, it was "William". Sumner didn't really come across as a prick as much as he did in his season 1 episode.
   Lincoln is pretty much dead weight at this point. He was good in the premiere, but I wish they would have more of the other Lincoln. I liked that one much better. Nothing against Seth Gabel, but they really need the other Lincoln back.
   That part at the end just stunned me. Walter's done a lot of wacked-out stuff over the years, but attempting to lobotomize himself takes the cake. I don't know if anything like that has been shown on network television before. He was very lucky Olivia stepped in at the right time.
   Peter is really making his presence known. It was nice to see Olivia starting to remember him. I guess Astrid or Broyles will be the next ones to remember. The preview for next week looked like the way Peter's going to be reintroduced is something like Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan.
   Overall, I liked it.

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